My Page A Day helps young artists and creative children develop their artistic skills, learn new things, and express themselves in a fun and engaging way.



Parents and Caregivers Learn that ...

A child’s perspective is pure magic. Their innocent wisdom and observations are to be treasured because they are pure gold. To protect your child’s innocence and natural curiosity, introduce creativity in everything they do.

Kids are smarter than what we give them credit for. Their wisdom is simplistic and to the point. Adults are the ones that like to complicate matters and fill in the blanks with their assumptions and unnecessary information. Kids just get to the point.

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Discover Your Child's Mind ... unlock their genius!

The Tools and Coaching that You Need to Discover that ...

Madison is five and concentrating intently on coloring her page just right.

As your child colors, their imagination is stimulated they will verbalize the wonderful stories they dream up. The lucky adult who is within earshot benefits from the wisdom and wonder that accompanies those simple tales.

Learn how to ask the right questions to help them expand that imagination while providing an insight into their world of thoughts, dreams, and what they understand.

As a psychologist who works with children and families on the art of communication and sharing a family’s memories and heritage, I was shocked at the thoughts my daughter shared with me as she colored your pages each day. We enjoyed conversations on difficult topics and explored solutions that otherwise would have never been discussed. Having my daughter involved with her coloring set her mind free and surprised me with a depth of conversation that we’d never had before.” – Dr. C. Dormer