Meet Serbian Artist Dušan Krtolica

Serbian Artist Dušan Krtolica

Meet Serbian artist Dušan Krtolica, a young genius who creates amazingly detailed drawings.  

Young artists like Dušan are bursting with creative thoughts, ideas, images, and inspiration.

It’s vital that they are encouraged in their strengths and not discouraged with good intentions that would suffocate their creativity. 

Serbian artist Dušan KrtolicaThere are more stories about people who “used to draw” or “used to play an instrument” than there are those who still do. Some just loved playing around with it, and others craved the expression that came with their art, music, dance or other creative activity. Without realizing what damage can be done to such creative children, well-meaning adults will limit access to the necessary resources out of fear of an “in-balance” of time, or lack of finances.

It’s important to include your child in decisions that involve them. Finances are often an issue when raising young children and maintaining a household. Support and encourage them by brainstorming ideas of where to earn the funds, and even involve their friends for a neighborhood effort of stirring the imagination and understanding of various talents.

(video is not in English – but the images speak for themselves)


Fun Questions to explore with your child …

  • Did you learn something by watching the video?
  • How did Dušan’s parents support him in exploring his talents?
  • What does Dušan’s creative space look like and why is it important for him to have one?
  • How seriously does Dušan take his artistic talent?
  • Can you guess how much time he devotes to his art?
  • What can you imagine will happen in his future?
  • What other things does he do for play?
  • What do you like to do? (leave a comment below!)

Children have an amazing ability to imagine the impossible and will re-introduce you to thinking out of the box and challenging your faith as to stepping out into achieving dreams.  Whether or not you perceive a creative project as a success, the entire event became an invaluable lesson.

Read about this young man and pay attention to what is happening with him as far as how he is being supported in developing his talent. The article alone is obvious – but how do you think his parents supported him behind the scenes to get this far? How would you support him and encourage him in building his passion and his future if you were his parent?

Every child is a genius in something. Be curious and give yourself permission to explore your child’s world by asking curious questions, while avoiding giving opinions that might cause your child to doubt themselves.  As you encourage your child, you’ll reap the reward of rediscovering your own dreams and creativity – guaranteed!

Do you have something that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see and share with others! If you do, please contact me and I’ll tell you what to do next.  In the meantime – share your thoughts in the comment field below!